Dreamliner Flight LH443

At 39,000 feet above the groundwe cast shadows atop clouds over Galway –Oh, what lyric pixels of Gaelic poetrymust frolic in the gusts of Limerick skies I cannot fathom the collected verse of sagespulsing through this Éire atmosphereas we blast above Banbridge and Killoughwhere nodes of odes by bards still coalesce May Celtic spirit and … More Dreamliner Flight LH443


Journal pages, day by day, linked through threads of ink wave along the winds of time – prayer flags of my life A Buddhist tradition is to write mantras on the piece of cloth to fan out compassion and goodwill to all extended space. It’s all about clearing negative energies. These small, colorful banners manifest … More Oeuvre

Only in the US

This used to only happen in movies, movies I didn’t want to watch but Monday it happened again a twice daily event on average in the US Oddly, this shooter wrote a novel naming specific names for his victims, specific sites for his rampage he wrote about blame and how murder quenched his thirst Starting … More Only in the US

Doing Something

This poem does not answer the question, “What is the meaning of life?” It cannot make the pandemic go away or give me permission to go back to the gym This poem is just a screen shot of a moment in my life where two young men are cleaning bathroom grout making a lot of … More Doing Something

Florida Room

Forget how you burned your tongue on the coffee this morninghow your feet were cold against the tile in the Florida roomthis one actually in Florida where you are visiting family Forget that you miss your cats terribly, all alone in your Michigan homewith no one to cater to their whims all day, only Kenny,the … More Florida Room

Oh, Well

I no longer prayI read poems andlisten to Fleetwood Mac’s “Oh, Well” I no longer prayI lie in the hammockwatching the undersides of the leaves I no longer prayI write short poemsmake abstract-ish paintings, cook soup I no longer prayI sit with my old kittyletting her purrs strengthen my aging bones I no longer prayI … More Oh, Well

Flights of Fancy

The snow is settled now my dearbut do you want life shaken up,arousal in your enclosed world? I too have wings that I can opento fly beyond my writing roomwhere words are gods and bees can spellif I shake my realm a bitfly with fingers to worlds of fancybeyond my ordinary sphere Photo from Macys … More Flights of Fancy


The poem, fascinating and often misunderstoodis capable of sustained flighton wings totally different thanwings of fiction or drama Poets use echolocationto find their inspirationemitting pulses of high-frequency energythat bounce off nearby objectsPoets then use these echoes tocreate new perspectives Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt was to find a factual article about an animal, then go through the … More Guano