Lizard Guide

The day looks gloomy, overcast 
yet I see wisps of cloud, 
patches of blue sky between branches

This gloom, I suspect is internal 
obsessive thoughts of an accusation 
heard last night that bruised my ego

Then a tiny lizard catches my eye 
motionless on a fence post, 
a common sight here in Florida, 
unusual for this visiting Michigander

Beyond the lizard, a purple flower, 
beyond that a yellow lily, 
beyond that the blue sky,
taking me further and further 
from my ego, my hurt, my gloom

When I sigh and return to Self 
the gloom has dissipated  
sunshine makes shadows on the wall
a swallowtail flits where the lizard had been

Photo courtesy of Pixabay


17 thoughts on “Lizard Guide

  1. I have this thing about lizards end maybe it’s because we don’t have them in Northwest Oregon. They are always fascinating for me to see flitting around on rocks. Simple pleasures can make ones day.

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    1. They are cute. The lizards at my in-laws’ house were little. I also like the big iguanas in Mexico. I know what you mean, we don’t have them where I live in Michigan either. You guys have those cute little ground squirrels (I forget their names) in NW OR though, I believe.

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