Unknowing is not a cloud 
       that conceals understanding 
       requiring explanation to clear the air

Knowing is the cloud perhaps
       seductively defined by wisps and vapor
       Rorschach shapes of weather 
       spilled like milk across the sky

You can analyze the knowing cloud
	but only in the now;
	if you study for just a moment
	you see it morph and merge and dissipate

Unknowing is instead a gentle breeze 
       nudging limits of the knowing cloud;
       not a gale wind bent on smashing proofs
       but a subtle cue to notice 
       how knowing waivers

Unknowing is and must be
       ever present
       to shift the shape of knowing
       and whisper

First published October 11, 2015.

Photo by Maddison McMurrin courtesy of Unsplash


13 thoughts on “Unknowing

  1. Wonderful perspective, LuAnne. I’ve gotten old enough to see not-knowing as an advantage, as motivation to probe possibilities. I have less and less patience with those who assert anything as rigid fact. I try to look at my impatience as another cloud and let it blow on past. I love this poem’s emphasis on ever-changing and fostering curiosity.

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    1. Thank you, Jazz. I think this awareness has come with age for me, too. It’s funny that as a teen I was certain I knew so much more than my parents. Now I so wish I could ask their advice about a myriad of topics, including being a mom to adult daughters. Thanks for stopping by, Jazz. I appreciate your comments as always.

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