Dear Grandma

This weekend I stumbled upon this poet performing a passionate poem about his grandmother. Once again I have been pulled away from the time consuming luxury of polishing poems that I write. This time it is because I have been blessed with a wonderful contract gig with a textbook publishing company writing learning objectives for their supplemental material. The text I am working on this week is about human development and yesterday I wrote on late adulthood – a phase of life I am quickly approaching. Part of the chapter discussed the grandparent/grandchild relationship. So far I have not been blessed with grandchildren, but I was certainly blessed to have had close relationships with my two wonderful grandmothers. This young man’s poem about his grandmother reminds me a lot of my maternal grandmother who while crippled with arthritis, freely opened her loving heart to me. So since I have no original poem to share with you today, dear readers, I will share this loving tribute to grandmothers. Enjoy.


8 thoughts on “Dear Grandma

  1. Oh my gosh! He’s so descriptive. One thing he said really grabbed me.She has choreographed my respect for elders. What a beautiful sentiment. Sigh… And grats on the job, btw. Hope you find it enjoyable. 🙂

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    1. I loved that line, too. And the one about them taking off their shoes out of respect for where she had walked. I loved his performance as well as the content of his poem.

      Yes, the job is very enjoyable. They have already given me another assignment – but did not adjust the deadline so I am working pretty much full time. One text I am working with is human development – I have early adulthood through death. The other text is on public speaking. Both are very interesting.

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  2. This assignment is to write learning objectives for the online supplements to college texts. I am an instructional designer and I help professors (and now a publisher) put course content online effectively. It’s a great field; I love it and I get to work from home!

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