Trying to Reconcile

How can I understand in my heartwhat doesn’t make sense in my head? How can I reconcile spiritual preceptswith logical ambiguity? Could it be like the canvas of skythere to support the changing clouds? Could it be like the constant silencethere to support splashes of sound? Photo taken from my front porch.


Autumn Equinox Puente

Enjoy bare feet in dewy morning grass, look for hummingbirds and turtles on a log savor juicy melons and sweet strawberries watch late sunsets while lying in the hammock ~ until you pause and reflect ~  that soon bare feet will chill on morning floors maples will take on a fiery hue you’ll don a … More Autumn Equinox Puente

Pulse of Power

Storm clouds ate the sun this morning swift, like the moon eats daylight in total solar eclipse thunder came, rain followed surfing the wind in tandem Then rain, thunder, darkness receded in reverse not lingering after their surge Photo taken from my front porch

Delight Twice

We left our Midwest home this monthas trees had just begun to bud only daffodils had yet to bloom For a week we vacationed in the South, where spring was in its heyday  lush green trees, bright peonies, splashes of wild roses Upon return to Michiganwe were greeted by the hawthornwith her blossomed sweet scent, … More Delight Twice


Come to me tonight dear oneLet my eyes rest uponyour glowing countenance I know you are thereeven when you don’tgrace me with your presenceI know you have many other loversbut my love for you abides My whole history intertwines withyour ever-changing selfI’m dejected when you hide behind petulant cloudsI laugh with delight when you tease … More Beloved


Life’s a series of moments experienced now like sensory input flowing like sand in an hourglass, constantly changing not glued to any event of the past, so bring to the table your best life, live in heaven now The Day Six prompt is to write a variation of an acrostic poem, using words and phrases … More Hourglass


Songbirds gaggle homechirping sing-alongs as they travel Canada geese fill skies with honks,lakes with prolonged splash landings Forsythia blooms rumble inside thin branchesCoy crocus buds peek through the muddy thaw My bones sense soft rains,My face drinks warm raysA breeze fluffs my hair Springtime awakens NaPoWriMo Day Two prompt: Choose an obscure English word as … More Reverdie

Love Poems

“Notice my creation for you,” god keeps reminding me through soft wind whispers. So, I notice the way dark lines of empty branches thrust themselves against the soft blue sky. I notice how creation is over the top with variety, squirrels black, red, and grey fluffy tails or wispy ones, symphonies of bird songs each … More Love Poems


autumn leaves fallen half-moon plays in wind-swept clouds changes fill the air Photo by Pawel Czerwinski courtesy of Unsplash

Cooking Life

Cooking, like life, is transformationraw quinoa, for example, is inediblebut boil it, add veggies and spicesfor a savory transformation Like cooking, life’s raw materialcan simmer in spiritual awarenessadd exercise, friendships, sleep and fresh foodfor a delightful transformation Photo courtesy of Pixabay