Trying to Reconcile

How can I understand in my heart
what doesn’t make sense in my head?

How can I reconcile spiritual precepts
with logical ambiguity?

Could it be like the canvas of sky
there to support the changing clouds?

Could it be like the constant silence
there to support splashes of sound?

Photo taken from my front porch.


8 thoughts on “Trying to Reconcile

  1. WHERE ARE YOU LuAnne ? It looks cold there but a beautiful photo! I am on the island of RAIATEA in French Polynesia. I hope you have a warm jacket ! I already know you have a warm heart…..obviously ! I think you are an old soul LuAnne. BTW- That is a rare compliment coming from me !
    A new friend, Marc


    1. Thanks, Marc. It is cold here; I live in Michigan, USA. I love it here, we get all four seasons. French Polynesia sounds lovely. You spell your name with a French spelling. I think I remember you being from CA. Would your name be Marcel perhaps?


      1. My name is not MARCEL ! …..Like Marcel Marseau sp ? The Mime? Yes, I am a California guy. My mother was Scottish with some French. Marc is still Mark but in French. Like Mathew, Mark, Luke and John Lennon.
        I speak enough French to get by but I also speak Spanish and German. After a couple of beers, nobody understands me…(EVEN IN ENGLISH ! 🙂 Sometimes without any beer, people do not understand me. No complaints though. I live in paradise. On my fathers side of the family…..MICHIGAN ! NO KIDDING ! I have never been to Michigan. Cold scares me a little. California Boy ! Keep writing. Your thoughts are interesting and thought provoking.
        Keep up the good work LuAnne ! Have you viewed my Blog ?

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  2. Ambiguity is a sort of gift, nonjudgmental license to be open to varying interpretations/consequences. So human of us to want to grasp certainty in what’s going on around us … younger, I thought it my duty to understand everything. I’ve abandoned that impossible call.
    Great way to frame ambiguity: “silence / there to support splashes of sound”


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