This waning crescent mood Will disappear into a moonless night Waxing back into its full brightness   Photo by Ryan Holloway courtesy of Unsplash  Horizon

Theory of Evolving

The epitome of foresight is belief in one’s ability to be malleable. By reorienting to divergent viewpoints you countervail forces that entrap you to patterns of your past   Photo of man in Guatemala courtesy of Pixabay. Theory

Street Corner Thoughts

I’m standing at a corner, waiting to cross the street, watching cars of all makes and shapes, some coming toward me, some going past, some turning corners, some changing lanes. I never consider stopping a driver to discuss where she is going. Yet, do I not do that with worried thoughts letting them pile up … More Street Corner Thoughts

No Boundaries [haibun]

No boundary exists between happiness and sadness. It all blends together. Every happiness holds within it, the sadness of its impermanence. Every sadness holds within it, the joy of its impermanence. Just like every birth holds within it, the death that is sure to happen. And every death holds within it, the birth of transition … More No Boundaries [haibun]


I’ve heard good fences make good neighbors and I suspect this might be true. You can gather all you love safely inside your fence but from time to time you just might be ready to clear away some clutter. You can also keep all that disturbs you safely outside your fence but from time to … More Gates

Shape Shifters

Shape shifters, clouds are Not with intent like the shaman Metamorphosing into a wolf But transforming into random contours Merging, thinning, fragmenting At the whim of the wind I am a shape shifter as well Shifting from lazy content to focused endeavor From cluttered mind to quiet connection Giving to and receiving from The shape-shifting … More Shape Shifters

Fluid Movement

Waves and ripples, both water expressed in different ways. Angel Falls and Lake Titicaca are different expressions of water. A ripple is no better or worse than a wave; steep splashing falls are as wet as the calm on still lakes like clouds and rain and snow and dew they are all expressions of water. … More Fluid Movement

Unintentional Hearts

I found a piece of heart-shaped chocolate that lacked heart-shaped intent, an accident of manufacturing like the heart-shaped stones my friend collects are accidents of weathering.   I find my own heart changing shape polished by exposure from the seasons of my years. Constancy is a barren desert; I prefer evolving fate, the unintentional change … More Unintentional Hearts

Addition Problem

You ask me to solve for the answer to the problem of x plus y. What do you mean the answer? There is no the answer. It’s just an illusion of permanence. By the time I measure y the x has already changed. It’s like trying to measure a shadow cast against a sun lit … More Addition Problem

Meaning Beyond Words

Slathered sweetness is nonsense when bitter twang is Teacher Dogma stuffs grey matter with the Wonder Bread of wisdom But a sudden leap makes bubbles where dead fish never dream and dirt can slowly serve as host to ordinary triumphs