I want to soar like the hawk surveying my surroundings wings open tilted toward the wind finding my course in the current conditions effortlessly   A hawk has been hunting high above my writing window for several months. Well camouflaged against winter trees, I rarely see him unless he’s in flight. Thus I have … More Effortless


Stay warm in your burrow, Little Chipmunk, safe with winter’s cache The grey hawk hides high in snow-laden branches Hungry   Photo courtesy of Pixabay

As Is the Nature Of

A perfect blue robin egg sits on my porch, perfect except it’s broken. I fancy the chick is safe in its nest mouth gaping for morsels from mother crying out, grasping life as is the nature of robins. More likely the egg was snatched by a hawk the yolk consumed on the fly, the concentrated nutrients used … More As Is the Nature Of