Jabberwocky Birds

What if wild geese flew in a W instead of in a V
two leaders, two wind flows, two clans

What if hawks turned out to be vegan
as chipmunks danced without any fear  
in wildflower field buffets  

What if my life moved in directions
not familiar to my history

Would I fly like a hummingbird
backwards and forward with just the ease of a thought,
hover at length over stunning blossoms
linger to feed on sweet nectar,
fly upside down to see new perspectives
if laws of nature gimbled in the wabe

Fun fact: Hummingbirds can fly upside down

Note: The last four words of the poem are from “Jabberwocky” a nonsense poem
by Lewis Carroll in his book Through the Looking Glass.

Inspired by Na/GloPoWriMo Eve’s early bird prompt to write a poem that plays with a fun fact.


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