Plenty of Pleas

Jack gazes out the door wall
his piercing yellow eyes say
“I want to go outside.”

I unlock the door
slide it open just a wee bit
He sits, contemplating

“Wanna go outside?” I ask,
animation in my voice
I open the door a bit more
He sits, assessing options

“Go on, Jack, go outside.”
He sits, nose in the opening 
“I can’t let the cold air in, Jack.”
He sits, sniffs the chill air

I slide the door closed,
but just slightly ajar
He sniffs the chill air again
through the now-small opening

I slide the door open
to just his body width
He dashes out into the snow

Minutes later
as I walk by with laundry
I see him outside looking in,
pleading with those beautiful eyes,
“Let me in, please, let me in.”
Of course, I open the door
He sits on the porch, assessing options

I begin to close the door slowly
He dashes in,
makes a beeline to his food dish,
looks up at me
with sweet yellow eyes,
licking his lips,
conveying his new desire

Photo of Jack pleading in the kitchen


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