When you look upon an empty page can you see potential art – a poem, a painting, a doodle or a story, a creation waiting in hope that you will be the catalyst to bring it to fruition? Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor … More Potential

Heart’s Content

I have a busy heart loving others sometimes aching, sometimes breaking sometimes bursting with pleasure except for one quiet chamber curled into a soft circle like a sleeping, purring kitten safe from my desires an alcove beyond ego where I can be content with contentment.  


I became an artist this year a poet, a writer, a zentangle doodler. Though I’ve written for years and doodled as well This year I finally did it. I committed to practice each day. 365 days in a row (and still going) wordsmithing poems and honing my craft with doodles slipped in just for fun … More Transformation


This poem was inspired by doing a zentangle-type drawing while listening to John Lennon’s Beautiful Boy, particularly the line, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” Divergence A simple pattern, the beauty in the detail Consistent repetition until, alas, The pen strays from the plan a bit Then to compensate, another … More Divergence

Yin Yangle

Question: What do you get when a zentangle studies Taoism? Answer: a yin yangle I have been playing with zentangles for a few months and while most of my tangles are the traditional rectangular shape, I decided to do one in the shape of a yin-yang symbol. This shape has always fascinated me because it … More Yin Yangle