Cutting From Black

This morning I read an inspiring post, Your Life Is Always Just Beginning, on Raptitude by David Cain. This concept that each of us is always in the middle of a universe, physically, socially and spiritually, has been a prominent theme in my life lately. Because Cain uses film techniques metaphorically to express this idea, … More Cutting From Black


Unknowing is not a cloud that conceals understanding requiring explanation to clear the air.   Knowing is the cloud perhaps seductively defined by wisps and vapor Rorshack shapes of weather spilled like milk across the sky.  You can analyze the knowing cloud but only in the now; if you study for just a moment you … More Unknowing


“Be careful.” Gathering the keys, she thinks, “Yeah right, Mom. Like I’ll try to be reckless.” Mindless remark, unneeded request? No, a prayer for her daughter’s safe return? Is her prayer just a supplication Cast into a vast emptiness? Maybe not. Maybe a supplication sent To the flowing dark energy that connects us all Waves … More Kaleidoscope

Baby Turtle

The Call Ancient instinct calls her to sea. She scrambles with her siblings in the pulsing surf rushing forward, then tumbling back. Some find a channel and slide without effort into their new home but she lands on her back, struggling to find her feet flexing new muscles in the tiny soft belly inside her … More Baby Turtle

Yin Yangle

Question: What do you get when a zentangle studies Taoism? Answer: a yin yangle I have been playing with zentangles for a few months and while most of my tangles are the traditional rectangular shape, I decided to do one in the shape of a yin-yang symbol. This shape has always fascinated me because it … More Yin Yangle