The Perfect Poem

Wanting to write the perfect poem, my inner critic emerges from tangled briars; pulls me into her thorns The only way to escape her is to write Writing a less-than-perfect poem loosens her tangled grip In sunlight I can once again embrace a wholeness that includes my imperfections This poem was inspired by Parker Palmer’s … More The Perfect Poem

Red Flags

Memo of a missing payment Returning home to smell of smoke Increasing shore lines Anger rising A mystery pain in your chest What to do with red flags? Notice them and face the issue? Make them white flags of surrender? Let them drape your life in terror? Or turn them into roses? Photo by Gian … More Red Flags

Morning Activity

She glowed a bright verb at sunrise She steamed a hot verb with coffee She penned short verbs in her journal And giggled a pun verb while making a whish She sliced up a soft verb while toasting the bread She sizzled a sunny verb cooking her eggs She thwarted most grim verbs as she … More Morning Activity

Poem Soup

Pour four cups of inspiration onto a large page Add a dash of ideas from other poems on the topic Warm over medium heat until fragrant Dice two to four cups of phrases mined from past journal entries Stir into the inspiration mix Sprinkle in spices of wordplay to taste Simmer an hour or more … More Poem Soup


I did not expect what happened it took off in odd directions one character started to fall in love another became philosophical Since fiction is not my forte I did not expect what happened novel pages filled with poems why not? one character is a poet For hours I’ve written an emerging plot become friends … More Unexpected

Wellspring of Words

I want to pen words defying boundaries created that separate me from others I want to pen words that bleed out all blame so compassion can pump through my veins I want to pen words as conundrums wedding opposites into one silver ring I want to pen words to stumble upon like a root going … More Wellspring of Words


She jumped in my lap unexpectedly With padded paws, no claws at all She shifted a bit until settled Let me stroke her soft fur And purred Until she became this poem   One of my feline muses, Chloe, was the inspiration for this post.   Image from Pixaby

Poem by Committee

Should I write a “she” poem today? Or would viewing the world as impartial observer make the poem too aloof? What if I write an “I” poem instead? Would my narrow approach be too narcissistic to relate to anyone else? What if  I write from a  “you” point of view? Would you read me as … More Poem by Committee