There is no logic here concerning when joyful words are waterfalls or when clogged up words stay out of reach There is no logic here concerning when melancholy floods my spirit or when gratitude electrifies my cells There is no logic here concerning when isolation ennui conquers curiosity or when crafting a poem outweighs reading … More Illogical

The Perfect Poem

Wanting to write the perfect poem, my inner critic emerges from tangled briars; pulls me into her thorns The only way to escape her is to write Writing a less-than-perfect poem loosens her tangled grip In sunlight I can once again embrace a wholeness that includes my imperfections This poem was inspired by Parker Palmer’s … More The Perfect Poem


This poem was stolen from a cabinet of curiosities by a creative kleptomaniac. It is the soul roots of a wild mind dancing naked in the moments.   As I started cleaning my writer’s desk today I was inspired by the titles of books cluttering its surface. This poem is written in the spirit of … More Metapoem