Open the Window

I meant to do it yesterday but got too busy to hear the blue jay squawk and find him in the oak too busy to feel wind’s eye on my face, to follow the swallowtail flight, to watch a salmon sunrise But I took the time this morning and that has made all the difference … More Open the Window



Surround yourself with the space ofa grateful state of mind,stare out the window, notice your breathponder what makes your heart really sing,like balloons,fresh cherries,cardamon,ducklings on the lake,challenging times you got through If an idea lands in this spacefree-write a while in your journal If no ideas emerge in this spacego to a file of rejected … More Prompt


I’ve always considered daydreaming as a springboard for creativity, however, this morning I read that daydreams actually remove us from the present moment. I can see this truth. As the coffee maker sputters I wait by the window a while, lapse into a silent conversation inside my head, then wonder if these internal dialogs are … More Counseling


Windows flung open Bird song bathes the air When the whirr of the edger’s motor Takes intermittent breaks Mind cast open Aha’s bathe awareness When the whirr of cluttered mind Takes intermittent breaks Graphic by Pixabay A friend of mine has just launched a new web site called The Sacred Path. Below is a screen … More Interlude

Dawn’s Plea

Sparkles dance when fingers brush against a frosty pane The wind catcher spins below while bare limbs sway above  A black lab rests unmovable beneath a rocking truck Fog ignores Dawn’s plea to lift till Wind pushes the issue   Graphic by Annie Spratt courtesy of Unsplash

New Outlook

My hard drive crashed I lost a lot of favorites my Outlook tanked the contact list wiped clean So I upgraded Windows a new interface to learn my Outlook is improving as I organize my files The loss is a lesson the universe is teaching me to let go of clinging and a need for … More New Outlook

Dante’s Arrow

An arrow foreseen, comes more gently – Dante Alighieri The time before the arrow hits is your gifted time, the surrounding moments when you know it’s coming but it does not pierce you yet. So look through unshuttered windows to this vast present of the world, not framed by inevitable trauma but open to all the joy where gifted … More Dante’s Arrow

Winter Windows

Ice sparkles on bare limbs Frozen dew drops Caught for a moment In dawn’s rays Almost missed it, though, Because the windows were so dirty. One resolve for the new year is to see the beauty beyond the challenges. The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. – Marcel … More Winter Windows