Irritated with how my morning went awryfailed technology, an overcast dayleft me lethargic, left me nettlesome Windchimes clanged, tempest howledwindcatcher, a whirling dervishstorm clouds barreled across the sky There’s my energy! I went outsidefaced the wind and my irritationreturned with my flow renewed Photo by Mohamed Nohossi courtesy of Unsplash


I was born to dance with interconnections cottonwood seeds perform a ballet outside my window on this breezy late spring day My homeland emerged dancing with interconnections airy, some seeds float up, some seem to hang in the air, they change direction and speed The universe exploded to dance with interconnections no destination, just playing … More Interspersed

Blue Skies Above

Early spring, a day for daydreamsLazy zephyr in the airBirds at play, wind chimes singBudding limbs reach up in prayerI walk outside with just a sweaterGood day to be under the weather The Day Seven prompt is to disagree with a proverb or saying. Compliment this poem with a Wind Rush post called, Singing Along … More Blue Skies Above


autumn leaves fallen half-moon plays in wind-swept clouds changes fill the air Photo by Pawel Czerwinski courtesy of Unsplash

Autumn Fling

I have an intriguing proposal to makelet’s kick the leaves in the yardnot to hurt them but to stir them upso they can dance once more in the wind,jump up to their cousins falling down This poem was inspired by Lines for the Fortune Cookies by Frank O’Hara. Photo by Alegri courtesy of 4FreePhotos

Halloween Tricks

The only callers to our door On Halloween this year Were dropping temps and rain and wind That howled all through the night Though the tempest knocked with fury We offered her no treats So a Halloween trick she played on us Making skeletons of our maples Top photo of my backyard maple trees was … More Halloween Tricks


Dandelions stand bald after spring winds Tomorrow a crop of fresh ideas spread in new directions will take root Photo from my personal collection