Halloween Tricks

The only callers to our door On Halloween this year Were dropping temps and rain and wind That howled all through the night Though the tempest knocked with fury We offered her no treats So a Halloween trick she played on us Making skeletons of our maples Top photo of my backyard maple trees was … More Halloween Tricks


Dandelions stand bald after spring winds Tomorrow a crop of fresh ideas spread in new directions will take root Photo from my personal collection

Windrush Drive

Riding my bike one summer day wind in my face as I sail through the streets Thinking of starting a poetry blog focused on simple ephemeral pleasures gifted to me as I sail through my life I notice a street sign not noted before — Windrush Drive — a perfect permanent name for my blog … More Windrush Drive


  I want to soar like the hawk surveying my surroundings wings open tilted toward the wind finding my course in the current conditions effortlessly   A hawk has been hunting high above my writing window for several months. Well camouflaged against winter trees, I rarely see him unless he’s in flight. Thus I have … More Effortless

Dawn’s Plea

Sparkles dance when fingers brush against a frosty pane The wind catcher spins below while bare limbs sway above  A black lab rests unmovable beneath a rocking truck Fog ignores Dawn’s plea to lift till Wind pushes the issue   Graphic by Annie Spratt courtesy of Unsplash

Summer Says…

“I give you barefoot walks on dewy morning grass. I give you pink hibiscus blooming large as dinner plates. I give you ripe cherries that stain your fingers crimson. I give you dancing shadows as wind blows full-leaved trees. I give you lingering daylight to warm your upturned face.”   Photo is an original by … More Summer Says…