Waiting for a Thunderstorm

Morning sky is dark as dusk winds approach, branches rustle chipmunks chirp their warnings One drop falls as prelude upon the maple dappled a bit in amber and in coral on the first week of autumn when summer heat lingers Tempestuous rumbles roll in from afar electric passion shoots from cloud to earth allegro torrents … More Waiting for a Thunderstorm



A sigh is a sign that you’re doing too much A sigh is a sign to calm yourself down A sigh is a sign to hear yourself breathe A sigh is a sign for you to take time for a micro-meditation   Photo by Eli DeFaria courtesy of Unsplash

Both, Not Either

When speaking with those whose opinions differ from mine be it politics or faith or approach to life I can look at it as an either-or where I am right and they are wrong and try to win an argument It rarely works Or with a little creativity I can see an opportunity for a … More Both, Not Either