If I had a song I would sing for the woodpecker whose home we destroyed yesterday as he was making a nest of our wood sculpture I would sing a song of hope that he could find another home while the weather is still mild to winter-in protected from icy storms If I had a … More Song

What You Will Grieve

You will grieve suicide, murder, and other tragic events You will grieve nothings, and wrongs, and even being a survivor You will grieve confusion, and stages that you will go through, anger, and time when you need to begin again You will grieve work, your incomplete past, doom, and the future You will grieve recovery … More What You Will Grieve

Perfect Imperfection

I make imperfect marks in my lived experienceyet I must align myself tolived experience as it actually is,not how I desire it to be my foibles don’t define meany more than my successes,as I am incomplete without themboth,this is my perfect imperfection I muster compassion for myself and othersas we all live this incomplete perfectionI’ll … More Perfect Imperfection


Roots of truth spread through the soil of understanding obscure like subterranean aspen networks during winter quiet Opinions can evolve untroubled by uncertainty, nourished by the mystery of partial knowledge not fed by snap judgments or need for absolute answers but embracing the unanswerable Photo by Doug Duffee courtesy of Unsplash


Nothing is fixed in a permanent state even what appears to be solid is made of cells that practice osmosis where liquids and gasses move through a permeable cell wall Beliefs are not fixed in a permanent state even solid beliefs used to define ourselves for long stretches of life’s journey can transform as we … More Permutations

Both, Not Either

When speaking with those whose opinions differ from mine be it politics or faith or approach to life I can look at it as an either-or where I am right and they are wrong and try to win an argument It rarely works Or with a little creativity I can see an opportunity for a … More Both, Not Either


I have all this stuff in my house in my head even in my heart Let me clear out this clutter to open up the space for living deeply with a scarcity of transient things living deeply with a scarcity of reverence to rewards living deeply with a scarcity of attachment to any one truth … More De-cluttering