No Boundaries [haibun]

No boundary exists between happiness and sadness. It all blends together. Every happiness holds within it, the sadness of its impermanence. Every sadness holds within it, the joy of its impermanence. Just like every birth holds within it, the death that is sure to happen. And every death holds within it, the birth of transition … More No Boundaries [haibun]


The champagne bubbles were the chatty aside to the serious issue to be discussed. His tip of the hat was his coy decoy for hiding his face from his lover. She knew she had to return to the place where she had lived over a year ago. This place was not an illusion, yet that … More Bubbles

Shape Shifters

Shape shifters, clouds are Not with intent like the shaman Metamorphosing into a wolf But transforming into random contours Merging, thinning, fragmenting At the whim of the wind I am a shape shifter as well Shifting from lazy content to focused endeavor From cluttered mind to quiet connection Giving to and receiving from The shape-shifting … More Shape Shifters

Janus Reflections

For New Year’s Day… Janus Reflections Ponder things that linger long, like snow that dapples late March fields or the lingering sweetness of chocolate or a sleeping cat in a circle of sun. Notice things that vanish soon, like a slanted blaze of sunrise light or the warmth of jeans right out of the dryer or … More Janus Reflections