Five Assertions

ONEIt’s like the oppositeof a black hole,a capacious expanse thatincludes all energy,all light TWOAt first you may bedisoriented like whenyou awaken in a hotelroom away from homenot knowing where you are THREEDuring a gradual transitionyou become aware of aconnectivity you have with allbeings to the point wherethere are no distinctions FOURConcerns about the war,inflation, job … More Five Assertions

Alter Ego

Today I’m a Great Blue Heronbuilding a nest in high branchesof a stand of tall trees long deadin the midst of a swampy wetland I’ll fly high to view the worldfrom a cloud perspective,rest by the lake when I find oneand wait for a catch that will come No longer worried with human concernsof taking … More Alter Ego


I become a new creation of me each instant when I notice the freshness of the moment as it arises Break away from my cocoon of guilt for past actions left undone, or done with no undoing shed the shell of longing to cling to future pleasures Just be a me evolving strengthening unused wings … More Chrysalis

Cooking Life

Cooking, like life, is transformationraw quinoa, for example, is inediblebut boil it, add veggies and spicesfor a savory transformation Like cooking, life’s raw materialcan simmer in spiritual awarenessadd exercise, friendships, sleep and fresh foodfor a delightful transformation Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Persephone Handiwork

We returned at midnight, a Hawthorne in the headlights greeted us at the garage; the rest of the yard in darkness Only after awakening to the May morning light did I see Persephone’s handiwork accomplished during my absence The ankle-high fiddle heads I’d left behind had grown to thigh-high ferns, ground cover green before I’d … More Persephone Handiwork


Nothing is fixed in a permanent state even what appears to be solid is made of cells that practice osmosis where liquids and gasses move through a permeable cell wall Beliefs are not fixed in a permanent state even solid beliefs used to define ourselves for long stretches of life’s journey can transform as we … More Permutations

Let Me In, Let Me In

The yellow lab trumpets his request “Let me in, let me in,” until the red door opens where he comes in from the cold into warmth Loving kindness whispers her request “Let me in, let me in” until my heart opens and she transforms my apathy into concern The photo captures the dog across the … More Let Me In, Let Me In

Remembering Memories

Each time a memory’s remembrance is recalled, affected by new memories, it’s changed   This month in a writer’s group, we are working with different poetic forms. This week we are exploring the Cinquain. This poem is an example of this form. Graphic by Pixabay.