Tea with Lao Tzu*

I invite Lao Tzu to teaon a quilt spread in anopen glen by a river He accepts and sitscross-legged facing mewe both nod our greetings “What can you teach me, Lao Tzu?”“Be quiet in stillness.”I pour tea into his tiny cup “My mind wanders so.How can I learn stillness?”“Meditate.”I fill my teacup as well “I … More Tea with Lao Tzu*

Reliable Excess

I pretend that all my faithful dolls sit waiting at the table, an excuse for scheduled teatime where  I supply convections. Yet it’s my steadfast yearn for sweet desire that sits with me in constancy even when I know I should be satiated. I’ve been told to be reliable but I must ponder if devotion to … More Reliable Excess