Bye Bye, July

July, your brown grass crunches beneath my bare feet monarchs enjoy your butterfly bush bats make evening visits July, your asparagus makes a great lunch lemon water is my beverage of choice a meal of fresh fruit can be my supper ‘cause it’s too hot to cook very much July, gone are your lilies and … More Bye Bye, July

Teal [haiku]

Summer’s lush greenness Thrust into blue skies above Colors sight and mood Inspiration thanks go to The Alchemist Studio for their intriguing question that prompted this haiku. Please check them out for beautiful pottery, great mythological stories, and interesting interactions. Photo taken from my front yard.


June,irises spent,lilies bloomingallium bursting like aliensnice cream and cherriesblue and strawberriesbarefoot walks in the yardfollowed by hammock respiteJan 6 committee hearingsopen windows and ceiling fansgreen, green and more greenenergetic thunderstormsmoon phases swallowed by tree leavesa good place to be today,June All photos in the collage were taken in my neighborhood in Troy, MI


On the side porchby the holly bush,black ants traversedthe warm concrete They fascinated me,these little creatures busy withtheir close friends and family I was alone;the neighbor boyswere busy turning overrocks in the creek So, I sat by myselfwatching those antsknowing they weretotally unaware of my presence I was too large tofit into their scope I … More Scope

Last Day of Summer

On the last day of summerlet me not forget the cardinal familythat flits through dogwood to the maple orshadow dancing of full-leaved trees in the breeze Let me notice while I can thedinner-plate-sized hibiscus blooms,echinacea of the same magenta hue, andPainted Lady butterflies feasting on Queen Anne’s lace Let me remember bats darting for mosquitoes,fireflies … More Last Day of Summer


night sky pricked with stars likelihood that I will see waning crescent moon ~ appear in the celestial dome ~ night sky greyed with clouds likelihood that I will feel cooling summer night Photo by Benjamin Voros courtesy of Unsplash

Cool Heat

Baggy shorts, jammies top bare feet, messy bun ceiling-fan breeze on my neck sipping lemon water Watching neighbor’s sprinkler make prisms on wet grass trying to enjoy the heat longed for last December What a cool cool way to spend this hot, hot summer day To all my friends and family in the Pacific Northwest, … More Cool Heat


There is no logic here concerning when joyful words are waterfalls or when clogged up words stay out of reach There is no logic here concerning when melancholy floods my spirit or when gratitude electrifies my cells There is no logic here concerning when isolation ennui conquers curiosity or when crafting a poem outweighs reading … More Illogical