A Day for Play

It’s a sing along daywhen starlings polka dot the dawnas muffins scent the windowpaneswith poppy seeds and cinnamon It’s a sparkle daywhen blessings tumble like confettiand the rumble in your tummyis satisfied with bon bons It’s a snazzy daywhen jazz renditions razzmatazzas banana kiwi bubble gumfrolics in your mouth It’s a periwinkle dayso crinkle stresses … More A Day for Play


Carry-on Paradise

Travel can be stressful TSA scrutiny, crowded lines at gates But I have a secret paradise – my carry-on, underneath my ribs It’s lovingkindness meditation, sending thoughts of peace and health to myself and that grumpy traveler scowling behind his mask It may not lighten his heart that I wish him freedom from suffering but … More Carry-on Paradise

Discomfort of Trees

Be limber dear trees on this blistery night Relax into winds you can’t change Taste the bite of the freeze blowing through your bare branches It’s not a cold scheme that’s out  to destroy you Just a moment of seasonal stress passing through