Blizzards of Blessings

Winter storm blasted past sunsetglittered its mantle of snow in the moonlight Eight inches dumped to shovel and plowoffered spry aerobics in crisp morning air Dishes piled up after dishwasher brokethawed icicle fingers in sink of warm bubbles Hubby in hospital, visits restrictedbut cared for by kind health healers When an avalanche of woes is … More Blizzards of Blessings

Halloween Tricks

The only callers to our door On Halloween this year Were dropping temps and rain and wind That howled all through the night Though the tempest knocked with fury We offered her no treats So a Halloween trick she played on us Making skeletons of our maples Top photo of my backyard maple trees was … More Halloween Tricks

After the Storm

After breakfast the storm rolled in, with rumbling thunder in the distance, then lightning flashed and struck her heart, criticism roared. Seeking cover in her own self worth she whispered, “Don’t spit anger” yet spit she did with spiteful words that blew back to sting her face. After the storm, the quiet rolled in no … More After the Storm

Invite a Miracle

Invite a miracle to stay with you a while then release it to the universe to visit with another… An unrushed morning offers so many gifts. Today the gift was a blazing sunrise. I pulled on my coat, grabbed my camera and went outside before I even made my coffee. The chill energy of a … More Invite a Miracle


For the three-house span walk  from her bus stop a child lingered to rescue earthworms washed to the sidewalk by the rains. One by one she lifted each little being in spite of its wriggling resistance to her rescue and returned it to its moist lawn habitat, repeating the process every few steps all the way home. For … More Salvation

Tour de Force

  When making a to-do list today sneak in “be grateful” a couple of times or  three along with “smile,” “hug your sweetie” and “do nothing for a bit,” because isn’t watching a V of geese honking above the trees at least as productive as scrubbing the kitchen floor? Won’t going to the dentist be … More Tour de Force

Nature’s Mead

  A storm brewed on the horizon as we walked in the park near our home. Soon the rains came, dancing on the lake and nourishing the earth. I remembered this poem I had written last spring. Shifting shapes of loud cloud rumblings, Mingling mists mature as rain to softly kiss my upturned cheeks and … More Nature’s Mead

Quiet Thunder

You may know Quiet as the one who can understand her cats’ requests just by the tone of their mews. Or you may know Quiet by her contented closed eyes savoring her first sip of soup. You may see Quiet finger-tracing the intricate patterns of bark on a tree or leaving the kitchen in mid-dinner prep … More Quiet Thunder