night sky pricked with stars likelihood that I will see waning crescent moon ~ appear in the celestial dome ~ night sky greyed with clouds likelihood that I will feel cooling summer night Photo by Benjamin Voros courtesy of Unsplash


When I look at stars on a clear nightI know the light I see maybe emitted a million years pastmight come from a now-extinct starby the time its light reaches my eyesbut I notice the light and sigh When awakened by the bird singing outside my windowI know the trill I hear has already ceasedby the time it reaches my earbut I notice the song and sigh When I feel my exhalationdispersed into a breezeI know that particular breathis already gone foreverbefore I inhale againbut I notice the life and sigh * Bardo is the Tibetan term for the intermediate state or gap we experience between death and our … More Bardos*

Great Conjunction*

They may approach with consternationhaving not engaged in years but they draw nearer every night to celebrate on winter solsticewith a blushing butterfly kiss * The Great Conjunction of Aquarius 2020 is when the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn come so close together that they appear as a double planet. Click for more information. Photo from … More Great Conjunction*

Sunset Psalm

The moon shines amidst a sprinkling of twinkles in the inky twilight while ambling clouds give way to shades for timid stars who want to play peek-a-boo with the man in the moon   Photo by Billy Huynh courtesy of Unsplash


I walk along Mill Creek listening to its gurgling song Dry leaves left from late autumn migrate across the fields A French horn bark of an old yellow dog carries through the crisp air Above, a squirrel’s nests sways visible while limbs are still bare I am but a molecule swirling through the spiral of … More Stardust


I tripped on my shoelace and fell up, my shoes falling off as I tumbled through a bundle of cumulus clouds, with soon-to-be raindrops spilling through my cupped hands. I rose to the sun to dry my damp hair before returning home taking a spin on Saturn’s halos then floating toward Earth’s moon. I stopped of … More Untied

Solstice Night [tanka]

On the longest night stars prick black velvet skies in deep icy silence A subtle journey begins as Earth tips her face toward light   Happy winter solstice 2017, everyone! Photo courtesy of Pixabay Miraculous


Layers of canyon below my feet Embraced by dark skies raining stars Me at the heart of a dichotomy of splendor Hugging the arm of my lover   Image by Pixabay

Shooting Star

                      I almost missed it, that night sky flash gone in the blink of an eye. That’s the way with shooting stars; they’re acts of serendipity. Like a yellow leaf veined in red lying in my path Or the breath of challah’s rising aroma as … More Shooting Star