Channeling Dickinson I write alone – from my writing desk looking out my writing window inspired by this little slice of woods – teeming with constant change – No dashing anywhere today – except on poet’s paper   Read more about Emily Dickinson on poets.org.

Gift of Solitude

This is the day emerging without any sort of plan a day to make acquaintance again with a self you’d almost forgotten the self you once knew well that’s been covered by the ruckus of doing This is the day drifting to the gentle current of stillness where you hear the solo birdsong backed by … More Gift of Solitude

Slip Into Silence

I slip into silence like my old purple house shoes to relax in comfort inside, alone or maybe with just my best friend or lover eluding a boisterous world. I slip into silence to hear the internal like breathing and heartbeats and wind at the window but if sequestered in silence too long the wellspring … More Slip Into Silence