Dream the impossible godthe one that goes to the marketpicks out a damaged mangoand eats it on the bus ride home Talk to the impossible godtell her how your dishwasher brokewhile hands submerge in sudsshe’ll listen and pat your shoulder Hug the impossible godall soft, yet strong in embracethen catch her gaze and hold ittil … More Impossible?


Have you ever awoken from a dream to find yourself still in bed in yet another dream? Have you ever reached a state of enlightenment to find yourself wondering if this new awareness is yet another level of awakening?   The title of the poem references a movie called Inception about multiple layers of dreaming. Graphic courtesy … More Inception

Baby Dreams

I used to watch my babies dream curious about their dream worlds dreams they couldn’t tell me about pre-language dreams As I grow old and forgetful will I revert to infant-dreams full of colors and feelings beyond a world of words? Graphic is an original painting of a dream catcher done in watercolors and Sharpie

Everyday Tempos

  tick tock Thich Nhat Hanh a rhythmic metronome, meditation’s cadence tick tock keyboard clicks emerging words reflect expressions of my thoughts tick tock beating heart listen to vibrations pulsing through the cosmos tick tock bedroom clock white noise in my chamber footsteps to a dreamland         Read more about Thich Nhat … More Everyday Tempos

Letting Failure Rest

I can learn much from grass. It offers me sweet softness, regardless of the burdens that I carry. Today I wandered in a field of summer green accompanied by Failure, my cheeky child. She tired and curled up within herself, and slept, as children need to do. I headed out to hike toward far fields … More Letting Failure Rest

Red Eye Flight 724

Electrons dance in unison to teleport my body through a dream to a distant Buddhist temple where sweet Seoul chants and prayer cloths meander through my restless thoughts lulling me to sleep above the clouds   Image from Pixabay Sanctuary


At the viscous edge of a lucid dream I wonder which reality is the illusion     Entered as a response to The Sandbox Challenge, Of Two Minds.