I am captivated by the creative aspects of shadows. Please enjoy this delicate poem from my WP friend, S. Thomas Summers. See the full post at Ornithology  to view the delightful photo that inspired this poem.  Ornithology The mourning dove insulates her nest with the shadows fairies cast, a darkness that softens earth and, when carefully … More Ornithology



I saw the shadow heard the caw from high above among branches bare but for buds did not see his wings a-flight just his fleeting crow-presence   Graphic is an original colored pencil drawing by LuAnne Holder.

Solstice Souls

In the dark familiar things become unrecognizable while what usually goes unnoticed becomes obvious, essential like snuggling in the dark when touch of skin, scent of affection, become your sensory guides In the quiet darkness calls to whispers if words are ever shared Darkness snuggles with the quiet, through shadows of long nights touching her … More Solstice Souls

Space-between Game

It is curious how easily I get lost in the jumble of tasks, five errands to run during rush hour traffic somewhere to be at a particular time but blocked by others doing the same While plunked down in stillness when I want to keep moving I find it’s a grand time to remind myself … More Space-between Game


Does the bumblebee ask why it forages pollen? Does the tulip maple ask why it blooms? Does the moon ask why she conceals her dark side? The answer to every layer of “why?” contains another layer of questions. When I ponder the myriad why’s of my purpose I suspect it’s more than just following laws … More Why’s

Addition Problem

You ask me to solve for the answer to the problem of x plus y. What do you mean the answer? There is no the answer. It’s just an illusion of permanence. By the time I measure y the x has already changed. It’s like trying to measure a shadow cast against a sun lit … More Addition Problem

Late Spring Dawning

The sky’s grey blanket thins but the shadows under elms are dark and shifting Soon my countenance will greet the sun’s brute cheerful honesty opening like daylily blooms ablaze But for now I stay enveloped in the gentle muted mystery lingering with the quiet primrose night

Tour de Force

  When making a to-do list today sneak in “be grateful” a couple of times or  three along with “smile,” “hug your sweetie” and “do nothing for a bit,” because isn’t watching a V of geese honking above the trees at least as productive as scrubbing the kitchen floor? Won’t going to the dentist be … More Tour de Force