Receive, Release

Window of my chest opens to receive breath, breeze, memories sunlight and warmth of smiles taste of moist air before a snow cinnamon tea steam Window of my chest opens to release tension in my shoulders sighs from deep content a secret smile directed at mallards moving amidst grey clouds Window of my chest opens as … More Receive, Release


Eternal Joy

Like flowers and grasses, bow your lips to the stream drink of life forces that flow unfettered O my heart-friends, taste deep of Eternal Joy! so that your countenance will inspire joy in others Here where wine dances and soul-music plays enjoy the pleasures of your finite human form Speculation and grief find no life … More Eternal Joy

Real Time

Let’s meet in a space between patience and impatience in that time when life actually happens – and let silence be our conversation   The signature line for my email is from an article by David Cain. It reads “Patience…is the willingness to live life at the speed at which it actually happens.” This concept … More Real Time

Letting Failure Rest

I can learn much from grass. It offers me sweet softness, regardless of the burdens that I carry. Today I wandered in a field of summer green accompanied by Failure, my cheeky child. She tired and curled up within herself, and slept, as children need to do. I headed out to hike toward far fields … More Letting Failure Rest