I’ve never lived in a wood nymph’s forestwith magic crossroads that leadto my tree housewhere expressways for walkingare deer-trodden paths,the bus line a creek running through If I was a dryad in an ancient oak forest,I’d carpet my home with mosshang a hammock high in the canopyfor misty summer days On Tuesdays I’d flit to … More Dryad

Shadow Roots

Bare limbs seek the sun yearning to leave like fruit trees on the street Reaching down with shadow roots pulling warmth from sun and soil Photo taken last week from my front yard in Troy, MI


Roots of truth spread through the soil of understanding obscure like subterranean aspen networks during winter quiet Opinions can evolve untroubled by uncertainty, nourished by the mystery of partial knowledge not fed by snap judgments or need for absolute answers but embracing the unanswerable Photo by Doug Duffee courtesy of Unsplash

Queen Anne’s Lace

Call me Queen Anne’s lace, wildflower of convention thriving outside tidy gardens Call me Bitter Root supporting lacy blooms nourishing but also pungent Call me Ephemeral my daintiness short lived till curling up inside myself Call me Tenacity I’ll bloom again once more Rid yourself of me? Not a chance   Top photo from my … More Queen Anne’s Lace


Does the creek bank hug the sprawling tree roots? Or the roots instead hug this patch of earth? Maybe they support each other in mutual embrace.   Image is an original photo by LuAnne Holder taken early September in SE Michigan.