A Cherry

Slide it whole into my mouthnibble around the pitsweet juice reddens my tongue When pit is freed, slide it outsucking as much of the tender fleshholding it by the stem Perchance if a cherry has no stemfish out the pit with fingers thatemerge stained with crimson juice Which makes my red lips smile Graphic courtesy … More A Cherry

Red Flags

Memo of a missing payment Returning home to smell of smoke Increasing shore lines Anger rising A mystery pain in your chest What to do with red flags? Notice them and face the issue? Make them white flags of surrender? Let them drape your life in terror? Or turn them into roses? Photo by Gian … More Red Flags

Vermillion Mementos

Snowy tissue kisses of Candy Apple or Summer Rose or So Marilyn Monroe littered Mamma’s purse as well as waste paper baskets and sometimes La Rose kisses adorned my little girl cheek. Image by Pixabay