Cupcakes in a Jam

She was already late. Some wreck on the highway had cars piled up for miles. Leslie was driving Amy to the airport for no reason other than she didn’t know how to say no to her friend’s request. Amy’s third grader fidgeted in the back seat as they sat at a standstill in traffic. Silence … More Cupcakes in a Jam

Life as a Poem

I awoke to a windy flood of dawn, fall’s October beginning; I opened the shades, found that last night’s rain fall made flood puddle tunnels throughout the gardens. Before I let the cat out, I checked the tiny tunnel beneath the chipmunk rock, none were playing there this crisp morning. I read a dharma about … More Life as a Poem

Poem Soup

Pour four cups of inspiration onto a large page Add a dash of ideas from other poems on the topic Warm over medium heat until fragrant Dice two to four cups of phrases mined from past journal entries Stir into the inspiration mix Sprinkle in spices of wordplay to taste Simmer an hour or more … More Poem Soup

More Than I Need

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.”― Mark Twain Sometimes I drink more than I need letting myself drown in memories that serve no purpose Sometimes I linger longer than I need between the staying still and plunging forward without fear Sometimes I write more than I need filling … More More Than I Need