Silent Night

“Isn’t it just beautiful?” she asked the peaceful angel with fiber optic wings as they gazed out the window Gazed in the direction of a waning gibbous moon in a cloudless sky, bright against cold darkness The angel offered no response remained in her still silence meditating on the present of this passing moment   … More Silent Night

Solstice Night [tanka]

On the longest night stars prick black velvet skies in deep icy silence A subtle journey begins as Earth tips her face toward light   Happy winter solstice 2017, everyone! Photo courtesy of Pixabay Miraculous


You might find Quiet gazing out savoring a sunrise lips upturned slightly as she draws on frosted panes You might find Quiet laughing listening with her skin offering soupçons of affection when it’s least expected Inside the heart of Quiet a faint thunder rumbles pregnant with adventure as life sparks ripple out   I am contented, … More Quiet

Gift of Solitude

This is the day emerging without any sort of plan a day to make acquaintance again with a self you’d almost forgotten the self you once knew well that’s been covered by the ruckus of doing This is the day drifting to the gentle current of stillness where you hear the solo birdsong backed by … More Gift of Solitude

Spiritual Maintenance

When my day feels a little off-kilter That’s the time to practice quiet Empty all mind chatter Turn off the news Focus on the silence   When executive orders are not vetted When helplessness floods my fears My practice of meditation Is critical for my heart To discern fruitful paths forward   Let my practice … More Spiritual Maintenance

Solstice Souls

In the dark familiar things become unrecognizable while what usually goes unnoticed becomes obvious, essential like snuggling in the dark when touch of skin, scent of affection, become your sensory guides In the quiet darkness calls to whispers if words are ever shared Darkness snuggles with the quiet, through shadows of long nights touching her … More Solstice Souls