If You Were God…

An email message titled “If you were God what universe would you create?” arrived in my inbox today The question made me smile I am a god and I do create my universe Everyone is a god in my opinion creating a unique universe How could it be otherwise? Each have unique backgrounds Each have … More If You Were God…

Living Art

Is the purpose of creating art to create in ourselves the art of living?   The graphic above is a mandala I created for my daughter ‘s birthday called Lotus Full Circle

Insidious Busyness

“How are you doing?” I asked of a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. “Oh, busy, busy. Always busy.” She asked me the same and my answer was similar, listing the things I’d been doing, good things – art class, writing, caring for a sick friend. As I listed my activities, though I had … More Insidious Busyness


Does the creek bank hug the sprawling tree roots? Or the roots instead hug this patch of earth? Maybe they support each other in mutual embrace.   Image is an original photo by LuAnne Holder taken early September in SE Michigan.


At the viscous edge of a lucid dream I wonder which reality is the illusion     Entered as a response to The Sandbox Challenge, Of Two Minds.

Poem by Committee

Should I write a “she” poem today? Or would viewing the world as impartial observer make the poem too aloof? What if I write an “I” poem instead? Would my narrow approach be too narcissistic to relate to anyone else? What if  I write from a  “you” point of view? Would you read me as … More Poem by Committee

Slip Into Silence

I slip into silence like my old purple house shoes to relax in comfort inside, alone or maybe with just my best friend or lover eluding a boisterous world. I slip into silence to hear the internal like breathing and heartbeats and wind at the window but if sequestered in silence too long the wellspring … More Slip Into Silence