Glimmer of Awe

I saw just a tiny glimmer of awe the rest was on the loose it’s a mystery where the glimmer was from but I have clues to this riddle The middle or even a tiny edge slice is a clue as to what is the whole If I look at the puzzle as if it’s … More Glimmer of Awe


Surround yourself with the space ofa grateful state of mind,stare out the window, notice your breathponder what makes your heart really sing,like balloons,fresh cherries,cardamon,ducklings on the lake,challenging times you got through If an idea lands in this spacefree-write a while in your journal If no ideas emerge in this spacego to a file of rejected … More Prompt

Winter Sky

I puzzle over how the winter sky sheds frozen tears Is she longing for the light? Or is she sending treasures to earth as the fruits of her joy?   Image from my personal collection.

Koan of My Life

Seeking freedom from duality – right or wrong, abundance or lack, blossoms or weeds, embrace or farewell I contemplate non-thinking Somewhere in my spirit I feel I understand this paradox beyond language beyond thought Existing within calm confusion   May confusion dawn as wisdom. (paraphrased from the Four Dharmas of Gampopa)   Image by Pixabay