Post Card from Spring

Her official arrival time here in Michigan, USA is 5:58 PM today, 03-20-2019. The last supermoon of the year will rise soon after (7:26 PM). The post card front is from the Secret Garden coloring postcards by Johanna Basford that I filled in with colored pencils. The collage was assembled in PowerPoint.

Two-step Snow

  New snow covers a layer of ice that tops yet another layer of snow. The cat sinks to her belly with each of her steps, but footprints made by heavy boots are more involved.  With each step, the boot sinks softly at first, then crunches unexpectedly through ice, then finally sinks, sinks again to … More Two-step Snow

Life Sentence

If I wrote the story of my life, I would want it to be a series of long sentences, strung together with poignant transitions that smoothly connect one phase of my life story to another; not filled with short sentences that end abruptly with a period, or worse yet, an exclamation point! I would want … More Life Sentence


The sun has set but she has not come home. Calling for her again and again, her little whiskered face does not appear at the front door or the door wall. The night air is calm with the new warmth of early spring. Yet, was there not a coyote in the back yard just last … More Lost

Perennials [haibun]

For the second day, dank air clings to life in the woods beyond my windows. March has been harsh since the equinox, all the more jarring since the solstice this year brought kind weather for months. The bulbs buried deep in the earth know when it’s their time to emerge and touch the sky, though, … More Perennials [haibun]


“Be careful.” Gathering the keys, she thinks, “Yeah right, Mom. Like I’ll try to be reckless.” Mindless remark, unneeded request? No, a prayer for her daughter’s safe return? Is her prayer just a supplication Cast into a vast emptiness? Maybe not. Maybe a supplication sent To the flowing dark energy that connects us all Waves … More Kaleidoscope