A Cherry

Slide it whole into my mouthnibble around the pitsweet juice reddens my tongue When pit is freed, slide it outsucking as much of the tender fleshholding it by the stem Perchance if a cherry has no stemfish out the pit with fingers thatemerge stained with crimson juice Which makes my red lips smile Graphic courtesy … More A Cherry



On a softened eveningshe returned from worksnow and stillnessher lonely companions From the kitchen tableamid egg smudged plate andcoffee smeared cupher pen and journalcalled to her:write with me,recreate your day,artist yourself,listen An unconsciousness poemthat had simmered all daywas ready for escapeto fancy itselfonto paper *Recreate: 1) form anew in the imagination; recollect and re-form in … More Recreate*

Here Now

Where I am now is right where I want to be not clinging to the pleasure not running from the pain just being in the joy of being in the moment  Day Seven Photo of me standing in the grass is from my personal collection.  

Windrush Drive

Riding my bike one summer day wind in my face as I sail through the streets Thinking of starting a poetry blog focused on simple ephemeral pleasures gifted to me as I sail through my life I notice a street sign not noted before — Windrush Drive — a perfect permanent name for my blog … More Windrush Drive

Eternal Joy

Like flowers and grasses, bow your lips to the stream drink of life forces that flow unfettered O my heart-friends, taste deep of Eternal Joy! so that your countenance will inspire joy in others Here where wine dances and soul-music plays enjoy the pleasures of your finite human form Speculation and grief find no life … More Eternal Joy