Intrepid Spirit

Plant one more bulb in your gardenyou’ll be grateful in the spring Do a jaunty jig while sorting socks,meditate while folding sheets Behold the blessings that sparkle your life,be transported by tiny delights Laugh with vigor for no reason at all,daydream about dancing snowflakes Journal beyond just three morning pages,delve past the brink of beginnings … More Intrepid Spirit

A Day for Play

It’s a sing along daywhen starlings polka dot the dawnas muffins scent the windowpaneswith poppy seeds and cinnamon It’s a sparkle daywhen blessings tumble like confettiand the rumble in your tummyis satisfied with bon bons It’s a snazzy daywhen jazz renditions razzmatazzas banana kiwi bubble gumfrolics in your mouth It’s a periwinkle dayso crinkle stresses … More A Day for Play

Relevant Realities

That patch of earth I think I know so well where I garden mostly still and mostly silent In my stillness and my silence, I notice details hues of petals, bend of foliage, feel of damp, dark dirt Purple, green, and brown, I attend to with a focus while my little ones play games outside … More Relevant Realities

Making Memories

Remember the good old dayswhen I’d indulge in a banana splitwith my roommate after the laundry mat chore Or summer nights in Memphispartying on Beale Street, live blues bandsmaking feet happy Sewing school clothes with Momplaying word games with Dadthose were the good old days then,experiences now extinct I am living good old days nowplaying … More Making Memories


Surround yourself with the space ofa grateful state of mind,stare out the window, notice your breathponder what makes your heart really sing,like balloons,fresh cherries,cardamon,ducklings on the lake,challenging times you got through If an idea lands in this spacefree-write a while in your journal If no ideas emerge in this spacego to a file of rejected … More Prompt

Autumn Fling

I have an intriguing proposal to makelet’s kick the leaves in the yardnot to hurt them but to stir them upso they can dance once more in the wind,jump up to their cousins falling down This poem was inspired by Lines for the Fortune Cookies by Frank O’Hara. Photo by Alegri courtesy of 4FreePhotos

Emotional Waters

Emotions, like water take many forms we may bottle our feelings or let them flow like a river They can suddenly come crashing against the rock of selfishness or ripple in widening circles when a pebble of understanding is invited into the smooth surface Our emotions can rush off a tall cliff splashing into deep … More Emotional Waters

Go Back Home, Jack

Recently we took in a cat, Jack, from a friend who became too ill to care for him. With two well established cats in the house, Chloe and Star, the inclusion of this much younger cat took some adjustments. This poem is written in the rhythm (somewhat) of the Ray Charles tune, Hit the Road, … More Go Back Home, Jack

Wishing Words [haiku]

Whispering letters coalesce playfully til wishing words emerge “Words on paper have no apparent glow.  Ishi called them bird tracks on white bark. But words on white paper can move from mind to mind like flames from roof to roof in wind not one word spoken.”  Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge Graphic designed in PowerPoint and Paint … More Wishing Words [haiku]

Sunset Psalm

The moon shines amidst a sprinkling of twinkles in the inky twilight while ambling clouds give way to shades for timid stars who want to play peek-a-boo with the man in the moon   Photo by Billy Huynh courtesy of Unsplash