Peace came to me today on wings of rowdy crows their joyous ruckus rocked bare branches amid wild winter’s wind Peace stayed with me today through carrot chopping rhythm, steam hissing from the Instant Pot, warm water washing hands Peace did slip away from me through a kitchen plumbing mishap,reading news of trials and scandals … More Peace


If I had a song I would sing for the woodpecker whose home we destroyed yesterday as he was making a nest of our wood sculpture I would sing a song of hope that he could find another home while the weather is still mild to winter-in protected from icy storms If I had a … More Song


Make the best you can of it. Of the little words that come out of the silence, like prayers prayed back to the one who prays -Wendell Berry, “How to Be a Poet” War rages, a plague still takes lives, winter seems to linger weeks past the vernal equinox, you’re running out of eggs, your … More Composed

Handled with Care

I had seen plaster hands of little kids before, but not one like this. “How did Micah make this?” I asked my friend. She told me the story as we set the table for a lasagna dinner her husband had made for us. “He made that in kindergarten. It fell off the table and the … More Handled with Care

Personal Files

My personal files kept near my heartaren’t organized in alphabetical orderbut by the values I hold dear One folder labeled Abundancetakes up one whole drawerit’s filled with friendships, joy, and fun ideas Another folder labeled Connectionsopens up to backyard squirrels,memories of my history, and poets that I love The folder labeled PeaceI can open with … More Personal Files


An origami scribefolds words upon wordsa thousand timesto make paper cranesof versethat fly around the worldpromoting peace *Origami cranes (orizuru) that are folded into a group of 1,000 are known as a senbazuru. The 1,000 origami cranes may be a folkloric Japanese tradition, but it was popularized and spread throughout the world through the story of Sadako Sasaki. Sasaki … More Senbazuru*

Carry-on Paradise

Travel can be stressful TSA scrutiny, crowded lines at gates But I have a secret paradise – my carry-on, underneath my ribs It’s lovingkindness meditation, sending thoughts of peace and health to myself and that grumpy traveler scowling behind his mask It may not lighten his heart that I wish him freedom from suffering but … More Carry-on Paradise

Florida Room

Forget how you burned your tongue on the coffee this morninghow your feet were cold against the tile in the Florida roomthis one actually in Florida where you are visiting family Forget that you miss your cats terribly, all alone in your Michigan homewith no one to cater to their whims all day, only Kenny,the … More Florida Room


If I go to bed hungryghosts will leave me aloneespecially hungry ghosts thatlike to eat my peace If I go to bed hungryfairies will dance on my belly sprinkling magic fairy dustthat transforms into manna If I go to bed hungrymoonlight will quench my thirstwith colorful dreams that carry methrough the arc of sleep If … More Hungry