Life’s a series of moments experienced now like sensory input flowing like sand in an hourglass, constantly changing not glued to any event of the past, so bring to the table your best life, live in heaven now The Day Six prompt is to write a variation of an acrostic poem, using words and phrases … More Hourglass



Holiday leftovers return to the table as warmed, revived nourishment creatively rehashed Leftover food like much of life can taste better served the next day mixed and matched into new creations gifts given to you from your past Image from Christian News Headlines

Karma Dharma

My former Self left me a gift of the karma from previous actions I took some gifts delight me now if I notice others I’d rather just keep in the box If I’m heir to karma from my former Self does my current Self, through my actions today, bequeath new gifts to my future Self, … More Karma Dharma


When moving forward from time to time I must glance into the mirror of the past Yet if my gaze lingers too long in a reflection of the past I can easily crash and get nowhere at all Photo by LuAnne Holder