Waiting for a Thunderstorm

Morning sky is dark as dusk winds approach, branches rustle chipmunks chirp their warnings One drop falls as prelude upon the maple dappled a bit in amber and in coral on the first week of autumn when summer heat lingers Tempestuous rumbles roll in from afar electric passion shoots from cloud to earth allegro torrents … More Waiting for a Thunderstorm



Let’s get together, you and meThrow words around and we will seeIf your words mix with my wordsAnd my words mix with yoursThey may enjoy good companyAnd form a poem, Yippee! “People are always good company when they are doing what they really enjoy.” Samuel Butler I meet (via Zoom now) with a friend about … More Collaboration

Mother Flame

She took the edge off a biting chill warmed our home with no whiff of fireworks consuming scant resources for her efforts  Her flame housed within confinements of her era, class, her gender and background danced with unique passion within ‘her place’  Not a doting Donna Reed type nor an activist burning her bra she … More Mother Flame