Psychic Boomerang

I threw a psychic boomerang on a sunny day when striped umbrellas upside down where catching drops of sunshine I watched it fly by turquoise trees past pastel pterodactyls reverse its course come back to me three days before I’d thrown it  Day Twenty-one prompt: Write a poem that incorporates wild, surreal images. Try to play … More Psychic Boomerang

Why Leaves Turn Brown in Autumn: A Taradiddle*

A great green dragon flies over trees Exhales its fiery breath scorching all the leaves * taradiddle (noun) – pretentious nonsense The true origin of taradiddle is unknown, but that doesn’t mean you won’t encounter a lot of balderdash about its history. Some folks try to connect it to the verb diddle (meaning “to cheat”), … More Why Leaves Turn Brown in Autumn: A Taradiddle*