Throw a yule log on the fireconjure up some wassailmake a wreath of evergreenslight a candle flame Celebrate the darknesswelcome growing lightwinter comes with stillnessprepares for growth anew


Resilient little fiddlehead fronding from the dark of last year’s growth Like you I unfold at times from a darkened doorway trying to be resilient waiting for new normal   Photo from Timothy Dykes courtesy of Unsplash


Be open to life Like the iris uncurling praise to both sunshine and rain Be open to life Like tender seedlings nursed by decaying trees Be open to life Like a new story revealed in book read before Be open to life Like a wave cresting toward shore then receding back to its destiny Pencil … More Reception

Spring [haiku]

on tender branches buds, tiny teardrops of blood ripe with latent fronds This haiku was inspired by a budding tree I encountered on a walk in the park. Special thanks to Michael Richards at A Center Line for encouraging me to push beyond my boundaries and use my own artwork to illustrate my posts. Enjoy his … More Spring [haiku]

Poet’s Heart

I heard the family approach before I saw them, the lilt of their Hindi phrasing interspersed with soft laughter. I was on a boardwalk trying to photograph a tuft of new grass growing in wetland mud. Green shoots reached through a tee-pee of the brittle beige remains of its predecessors. I evaluated several angles for … More Poet’s Heart