Tera, a Wood Elf

Oh, dear poet, love and care for your little patch of woods that touches you with inspiration, nourishes your earth-soul Thank you for leaving the leaves untouched where the smallest of the ones I love build safe habitats – worms and crickets, beetles and bees, vole and chipmunk, too Squirrels whose antics entertain you, birds … More Tera, a Wood Elf

Tiny Delights

Stripes are everywhereshadows of the still-bare treesin the greening grass of a sunny spring day,the blades of grass themselves are emerald stripesas are indigo variegation in lavender crocuses Polka dots are everywhere, toolittle buds on the mapleso similar in color to the robin’s breast,stars in the sky on a clear night,and polka dots with wings … More Tiny Delights

Annual Gift

Two sandhill cranes graced my yardPranced their annual gift, unruffledKnees high with each graceful stepBeaks uplifted in stately postureWere they parading their beauty for me? No, mating season trek The NaPoWriMo prompt today was to write in the poetic form of sijo. I used poetic license to play around with the syllables a bit. Photo … More Annual Gift

Autumn’s Portent

Colors, spirited in autumn array roar out to us acknowledgement that winter soon will be whooshing in with callow shadows and chill But don’t despair, dear one, autumn is a lucid whisper that all of life is mortal that all of nature turns Beauty is enhanced when we accept its ephemeral nature let us treasure … More Autumn’s Portent

What Inspires Deep Respect Tinged with Awe

the written word, words unspoken wind chimes in a breeze seasonal changes, all kinds of changes, even the ones that I fear children growing into adults adults remaining childlike trees planted generations ago and trees that sprout through sidewalks the quiet nature of rocks the flowing nature of streams the busy nature of squirrels the … More What Inspires Deep Respect Tinged with Awe


I sat in the glider outside this morning To begin my meditation Birds’ songs and squawks filled the air A single feather rocked back and forth As it journeyed from a tall tree To land on the glider beside me  It was not symmetrical Yet was still in good shape Blue and white tipped in … More Feather

Little Squirrel

My yard is filled with squirrels, some red, some grey, some black some fluffy, some thin some bold enough to visit my porch but one little squirrel out in the yard I recognize by his size I thought at first he was still a youngster so small compared to others but he’s stayed small since … More Little Squirrel

Living with Intent

Let me learn from the geese who year after year with magnetic migration are pulled to fly with intent along a path that is deeply woven into their DNA In their migrating “V” they change positions to follow or lead, give others a boost, or rest together when weary I often lack such intention to … More Living with Intent