I am Here, where else could I be?This Here is different from any other HereI’ve experiencedThis Here is different from any other Hereothers experience I must appreciate each Here I encounter forHeres are fleetingHeres are limited Each Here is uniquePay attention ormiss it You cannot bring back a Hereeven in your memory becausethe new Hereremembering … More Here


The Pitch

The pitch would be a challengeShe, a novice, new to the firmpresenting to a seasonedboard of directors She steeled herself,applied her greasepaintpaused in the wings of the board roomthen entered stage left for her first performance The NaPoWriMo prompt for day 22 is to write a poem that invokes a specific object as a symbol … More The Pitch

I’m Alive

I know I’m alive when sweet spring hawthorn scents my doorwayI know I’m alive when French silk pie lingers on my tongueI know I’m alive when I slide between cool laundered sheetsI know I’m alive when movement of shadows change with the sunI know I’m alive when Clapton blues dance my feetI know I’m alive … More I’m Alive

Annual Gift

Two sandhill cranes graced my yardPranced their annual gift, unruffledKnees high with each graceful stepBeaks uplifted in stately postureWere they parading their beauty for me? No, mating season trek The NaPoWriMo prompt today was to write in the poetic form of sijo. I used poetic license to play around with the syllables a bit. Photo … More Annual Gift

Recall Response

  “So how was your doctor’s appointment?” “Well, he asked me a lot of questions this time.” “Like what?” she asked half-listening. “Oh, about any weight changes, how much sleep I get, my eating habits. And something else. What was that last thing?” He sorted through a stack of mail while she made a grocery … More Recall Response