She was my best friendher sad brown eyeseven as a puppybelied her tail-wagging eagerness “Wanna go for a RIDE?”would send her scrambling to the doornot just wagging her tailbut her whole backsideevery cell of her body excitedprepped for adventure Then off in the orange F150,she’d jump in the bedI’d jump in the cabin andopen the … More Tundgren


Penchant for Hugging

Tree-hugger, I am called, one who conserves paperWho strolls through the woods, reads “Overstory”Who also paints pictures of trees, makes tree collagesWrites poems about trees, even has them carved into artWhen they die of natural causes, so, yes, if that’s whatBeing a tree-hugger is, I confess to these acts Page-hugger, I call myself also, one … More Penchant for Hugging

Forward Motion

Scene One: Focus shot on LUANNE sitting alone, pensive,gazing out a train window.Zoom in to the book on her lap, Tao of Pooh. Zoom out as MARGARET, a woman in her 50s enters,puts a bag over a backward-facing seat,removes her jacket and settles in facing LUANNE. MARGARET: (extending her hand to LUANNE) Hi, I’m Margaret.LUANNE: … More Forward Motion

Making Memories

Remember the good old dayswhen I’d indulge in a banana splitwith my roommate after the laundry mat chore Or summer nights in Memphispartying on Beale Street, live blues bandsmaking feet happy Sewing school clothes with Momplaying word games with Dadthose were the good old days then,experiences now extinct I am living good old days nowplaying … More Making Memories

Tiny Delights

Stripes are everywhereshadows of the still-bare treesin the greening grass of a sunny spring day,the blades of grass themselves are emerald stripesas are indigo variegation in lavender crocuses Polka dots are everywhere, toolittle buds on the mapleso similar in color to the robin’s breast,stars in the sky on a clear night,and polka dots with wings … More Tiny Delights


On the side porchby the holly bush,black ants traversedthe warm concrete They fascinated me,these little creatures busy withtheir close friends and family I was alone;the neighbor boyswere busy turning overrocks in the creek So, I sat by myselfwatching those antsknowing they weretotally unaware of my presence I was too large tofit into their scope I … More Scope


Come to me tonight dear oneLet my eyes rest uponyour glowing countenance I know you are thereeven when you don’tgrace me with your presenceI know you have many other loversbut my love for you abides My whole history intertwines withyour ever-changing selfI’m dejected when you hide behind petulant cloudsI laugh with delight when you tease … More Beloved

Listening Stream

This world has all kinds of listeningThey’re all kinds of streams in this worldThere are all kinds of smooth stonesin the streams of this worldSo, stone-smoothing streamsare good placesto practicequiet –shhhh The Day Nine prompt was to write a nonet, a nine-line poem with a descending number of syllables in each line. This poem was … More Listening Stream

Alter Ego

Today I’m a Great Blue Heronbuilding a nest in high branchesof a stand of tall trees long deadin the midst of a swampy wetland I’ll fly high to view the worldfrom a cloud perspective,rest by the lake when I find oneand wait for a catch that will come No longer worried with human concernsof taking … More Alter Ego

Blue Skies Above

Early spring, a day for daydreamsLazy zephyr in the airBirds at play, wind chimes singBudding limbs reach up in prayerI walk outside with just a sweaterGood day to be under the weather The Day Seven prompt is to disagree with a proverb or saying. Compliment this poem with a Wind Rush post called, Singing Along … More Blue Skies Above