All in a Name

Once my name was Playing with Words Yesterday my name was Anxious about the Virus Today my name is Squirrels Spiraling in Spring’s Green Tomorrow my name will be Safely Venturing Out Secretly my name is Likes Wine Too Much I want my name to be All Is Impermanent Photo by Brecht Denil courtesy of … More All in a Name

Windrush Drive

Riding my bike one summer day wind in my face as I sail through the streets Thinking of starting a poetry blog focused on simple ephemeral pleasures gifted to me as I sail through my life I notice a street sign not noted before — Windrush Drive — a perfect permanent name for my blog … More Windrush Drive


Breathe colors Listen without naming Live in the space of not-knowing   Photo by Mohamed Nohassi courtesy of Unsplash  Inscrutable


I want to be known as Terra touching the earth with bare feet steady for those losing balance nourished by deep roots of life   I want to be known as Grace caring for the forgotten sending blessings to those who have wings connected by ripples of love   I want to be known as … More Naming