Yin Yang 2022

I was too little as a childnow too big as an adulthot flashes make me sweatsweat makes me shiver I have days of busynessrunning errands, doing choresbut some days I just sit and thinkwindow gaze and write I do art, compose some poemswhen inspiration visitsbut when the muse vacationspaints and pen stay idol I should … More Yin Yang 2022



Summon a muse, but get a witch Who incites havoc in your psyche, Besmirching you with mystic incantations Summon a witch, but get a muse Whose insights of enlightenment Bedazzle you with lyric alchemy    Day Thirteen: Write a poem about something mysterious and spooky! Your poem could be about something that is mysterious and … More Summons

Dear One and Me

When I journal each day I write to a muse I call Dear One Isn’t this Dear One still my Self? Is she not my own writing ego? Aren’t we both the same “I” writing or different personas like a meta-Self?     I did not do the prompt as written today but the poem … More Dear One and Me