Mother Flame

She took the edge off a biting chill warmed our home with no whiff of fireworks consuming scant resources for her efforts  Her flame housed within confinements of her era, class, her gender and background danced with unique passion within ‘her place’  Not a doting Donna Reed type nor an activist burning her bra she … More Mother Flame


I only slept in patches then an hour when she napped and maybe two or three at night after play and story times, stroller walks and giggles As I walked by her room at night littered with toys and books I’d pause to watch her peaceful sleep before doing my grown-up chores Last night she … More Motherhood

Pancakes for Supper

Mom prepared a healthy meal for us each night and morning, too, for that matter even though she worked outside the house unlike the moms of my friends who stayed home and ironed, drinking Coke-a-Cola while watching As the World Turns But every once in a while when Daddy was out of town on business … More Pancakes for Supper

Butterfly Serendipity

We made butterfly wings From pink cellophane Glued them to hair clips You never wore But we laughed as we worked Probably ate some ice cream For years I opened drawers Saw a butterfly barrette And laughed again   Image from LoveKid Trading Company site

Mother’s Hands

In celebration of International Women’s Day My mother’s hands held me My mother’s hands washed my hair My mother’s hands sewed my cotton shifts and later my wedding dress In a big yellow bowl her hands kneaded together bread and onions sage and broth to make huge batches of cornbread dressing for our Sunday feast … More Mother’s Hands

Vermillion Mementos

Snowy tissue kisses of Candy Apple or Summer Rose or So Marilyn Monroe littered Mamma’s purse as well as waste paper baskets and sometimes La Rose kisses adorned my little girl cheek. Image by Pixabay