Irritated with how my morning went awryfailed technology, an overcast dayleft me lethargic, left me nettlesome Windchimes clanged, tempest howledwindcatcher, a whirling dervishstorm clouds barreled across the sky There’s my energy! I went outsidefaced the wind and my irritationreturned with my flow renewed Photo by Mohamed Nohossi courtesy of Unsplash


Snow clings to sides of treesblown by worldly windsof last night’s winter storm In warm morning sunlightthuds of ice fall like glaciers calvingpocking the snow below Limbs let go of what weighs them downto lift toward the sun and blossom “Zen says everything preaches the dharma…”– Nancy Mujo Baker, dharma teacher and philosophy professor For … More Release


A crow caws its lone callhigh in a tree across the street,  two crows in that tree stay silentas their friend calls outin a five-caw measure A new crow flies in from behind melands on a branch beside the caw-crow,another alights in the caucus of crowsnow five crows hang out in the tree The caw-crow … More Awesome

February Caesura

No song of color in the sky this morning No scales of pink and peach and orange No whole note of a full moon settingNot even empty music stavesJust a silent pause of grey Note: A Caesura in music is a brief, silent pause in which metrical time is not counted. Photo taken from my … More February Caesura

Lunar New Year 2023

Snow wraps the earth in asymphony of silenceon a windless Lunar New Year’s morning A man in a red hatwalks to the corner,frosted umbrella in hand – his mini, movable shelter The squish of his boots on fresh snowis momentarily drowned out bymallards in heated discussion abovebut they quiet on the lakeas he turns the … More Lunar New Year 2023

Misty Morn

Fog muddled boundaries between lake and sky. Six mallards, dark specks on the grey lake, chattered in a group; one lone male sat on the far side of the path. Blackbirds squawked, sparrows chirped; all obscured by the grey above. In the fervor of this curious weather, the lake was alive with fowl exhortation. A … More Misty Morn

Open the Window

I meant to do it yesterday but got too busy to hear the blue jay squawk and find him in the oak too busy to feel wind’s eye on my face, to follow the swallowtail flight, to watch a salmon sunrise But I took the time this morning and that has made all the difference … More Open the Window

Morning Moon

I am looking for the morning moon a waning crescent curl today, the sun has risen fully so, she will have to share her shine The Day Twenty-eight prompt is to write a concrete poem, a poem in the written in the shape of its subject.


Make the best you can of it. Of the little words that come out of the silence, like prayers prayed back to the one who prays -Wendell Berry, “How to Be a Poet” War rages, a plague still takes lives, winter seems to linger weeks past the vernal equinox, you’re running out of eggs, your … More Composed